I've always loved designing and making things. In school I was designing and making tables & chairs, then I went on to study Industrial Design at Loughborough University, where the focus was on designing consumer products. During this time I started getting interested in the web - building my first website aged 15 - and while studying at uni I continued to learn more about building websites, and applying my knowledge of design and aesthetics to this new medium.

Fresh out of uni I landed a part time web design job alongside my gap year volunteering, and by the end of that year I'd decided that web deisgn was the place for me.

What I love about web design is the fact that it is not a static field, it is constantly growing and developing, meaning that every project is different, and every website is a chance to learn something new and develop my skills.

The decision to freelance was born from a desire to be involved in every aspect of a project, from the initial conversations with a client through to the excitment of launching the site, I have a chance to shape the project and produce the best result for the client that will hopefully have a positive impact on their business.


I have been freelancing since 2009, and have worked on a wide variety of different projects with many clients along the way. I have helped some clients develop their Wordpress based sites, while for others I have rebranded their business, and designed and built their website on my own content management system. As well as working directly with my clients I have developed partnerships with other companies, pairing my development skills to their design expertise.

Before pursuing my own business I was employed for 3 years in a small web design consultancy. During my time there I worked on a huge range of projects and developed my skills from design and front-end development into being a fully-capable programmer.